Policy of conditions



These general conditions will regulate the contractual relationship between RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ on the front (“the landlord”) and the customer in front (“the tenant”), under which the former assigns to the second the use of a vehicle for the term, price and other conditions that are set out in the rental agreement.


  1. These general conditions of contract are subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, as amended by Law 3/2014, of March 27; (a) Law 44/2006 of 29 December on improving the protection of consumers and users, the existing autonomic regulations at the place of provision of the service and any other regulations that replace, supplement or modify the above, in what may apply.
  2. The renter is obliged to comply with the General Rental Conditions of RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ.


The general rental conditions will apply to the person who enters into the Rental Agreement (Renter) and who provides as a guarantee of the vehicle the deposit either in cash, by bank transfer or with the card of which he/she holds. All costs associated with the Rental Agreement will be borne by the person who subscribes to it (regardless of whether he is listed as a driver of the Rented Vehicle) as well as any (other) drivers expressly indicated in the Rental Agreement, and therefore authorized to drive the Vehicle.

All persons identified in the rental agreement will be jointly and severally referred to in the payment of any amount due arising from the contract.

In the event that the reservation has been made and prepaid by a third party, other than the tenant (understanding as such the person who signs the Rental Agreement and holds the credit card provided as collateral), and that third party subsequently rejects the charge made by RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ as a prepayment of the rental, RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ may directly require the lessee (and jointly and severally the authorized drivers listed in the Rental Agreement), the payment of that amount.


Authorized to rent:

Any natural person who is legally able to contract with RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ and who is prepared to accept responsibility for the vehicle during the rental period.

Authorized to drive:

Authorized Driver of the Leased Vehicle shall be any natural person who meets the following requirements:

  • It is expressly mentioned and fully identified in the Rental Agreement (it may also be the tenant).
  • Provide a valid driving licence in Spain and a valid identification document (Identity Document or Passport).
  • The vehicle may only be driven by the lessee, as well as those designated in the lease, provided that they are over 18 years of age.

* The following are considered valid driving licences in Spain:

  1. Those issued in accordance with Spanish law in force;
  2. Those issued by the Member States of the European Union in accordance with Community legislation;
  3. Those issued by other countries that were recognized as valid for the purpose of allowing driving in Spain according to the regulations of the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic.
  4. Valid international permit together with the valid national permit of the corresponding country for which it was required for the purpose of allowing driving in Spain according to the regulations of the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic. The renter will be personally and jointly and severally properly responsible for the persons driving the vehicle during the lease.


  1. The lessee undertakes to use and drive the vehicle in compliance with the rules of the Circulation Code in force at the place and at the time of provision of the service and in accordance with the specifications of use of the type of vehicle leased.
  2. It is mandatory that the renter always carry with him his copy of the rental contract in force for the duration of the same.
  3. In case of use of the vehicle for the carriage of minors of child height equal to or less than 135 centimeters, the lessee must provide devices of child re retention systems suitable for each age group and place them in the vehicle in accordance with current traffic regulations. The lessee must also check the adequacy, use and placement in the vehicle of child re retention systems.

The landlord assumes no responsibility for non-use, installation, verification, misuse of the mandatory retention device.

  1. The vehicle can only be used on public roads. 

The use of the vehicle in the following cases is expressly prohibited:

  1. Drive the vehicle on unauthorized or unpaved roads, or whose condition could pose a risk of damage to the vehicle.
  2. Participate with the vehicle in races, speed and/or endurance tests, contests or challenges of any nature.
  3. Use the vehicle for driving practices.
  4. Use the vehicle for strength tests of automotive materials, accessories or products.
  5. Use the vehicle in case of risk, in particular, of illuminating the alarm lights on the control panel.
  6. Transport people by consideration.
  7. Committing criminal acts with the vehicle, even if that act is only considered to be criminal at the place of commission.
  8. Drive the vehicle in inferiority of physical conditions, motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
  9. Use the vehicle to push or tow other vehicles or any other object.
  10. Transport in the same toxic, flammable and generally hazardous substances and/or that violate the legal provisions in force.
  11. Transport the rental vehicle on board any type of boat, train, truck or aircraft, unless expressly authorized in writing by the lessor.
  12. Circulate within port enclosures, airports, airfields and/or analogues of a nature not accessible to public traffic, as well as in enclosures or facilities of refineries and oil companies, unless expressly authorized in writing by the landlord.
  13. The lessee shall ensure that the vehicle load is properly distributed and placed safely and always respecting the weight, quantity and/or volume limits authorized and indicated in the Driving Permit and/or the Vehicle Technical Inspection Sheet. Likewise, the lessee is responsible for not carrying passengers in a number greater than the authorized number and indicated in the Driving Permit and/or the Vehicle Technical Inspection Sheet.
  14. It is forbidden for the renter to assign, sub-lease, rent, mortgage, pledge, sell or in any way guarantee both the vehicle and the rental contract, the keys thereof, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and / or accessories thereof and / or any other part or part thereof; or treat the above in a way that harms the landlord.
  15. Renter assumes full responsibility for any violations of traffic or parking rules committed during the term of the lease.
  16. Rent a car RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ  assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any property that the renter or any other person leaves, save or transport in the vehicle either during the rental or at the end of the lease. Renter assumes the risk of such loss or damage and exempts  Rent  a car RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ from any claim.

Rent a car RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ will be unscathed from any claims that occur for that cause.

  1. At the time of conclusion of the rental contract and in the delivery of the vehicle the lessee and any other person designated by it as a driver must be present to sign the rental contract before the landlord and present valid driving licences in physical format and in force in the country of rental, as well as their corresponding personal identification documents. The landlord reserves the express right to refuse the rental of the vehicle in the event that the lessee or the person indicated by the same as driver did not properly prove to be the holder of a valid driving licence and valid at the time of formalizing the rental contract. Driving licences will not be accepted in digital or electronic format.


The tenant can request a reservation through the form that appears on the www.rentacaribiacruz.com website, by  telephone or directly through our e-mail:

info@rentacaribizacruz.com. Always the confirmation of the reservation will be sent in writing  by  e-mail or on physical paper.

* Renter reserves a vehicle category. It should be clear that you do not reserve a make or model.


The landlord will keep the reservation until after 120 minutes of the agreed time, not being obliged to provide the service under the conditions agreed after that period.

* The prices shown on our website are indicative as they do not guarantee that they are up to date and do not guarantee availability.


Modification in the reservation:

Any modification to a prepaid reservation and less than two hours before the start of the rental will entail a fixed charge of 20 euros + VAT plus the adequacy of the final price to the rate in force at the time of the change.

* The rate in force at the time of renewal will be the one that appears on the website:



Cancellation by the renter of a prepaid reservation will be possible 3 days before the delivery of the car. In case of cancellation of contracts of less than 5 days, the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded less the amount of one day’s rent at the one-day rate.

For contracts of 5 days or more you will be refunded the amount paid for the reservation less the sum of the cost of half the days booked.

Out-of-office deliveries and returns:

RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ offers the service of delivery or collection of the vehicle outside the usual facilities.

An additional fee will be charged for this service. This amount will be dealt with directly with the office staff.

Car rental during closed office hours:

An extra 33,05 euros +VAT will be charged for vehicle rentals that are made outside of office hours.

Expand the rent:

If the renter wishes to extend the rental, they should contact the office before the end date and time of their rental agreement.

The office will do its best to assist our client  even though another customer may have booked their vehicle.

If extra days can be extended, they will be charged at the price of the rate in force at the time of renewal.

*The rate in force at the time of renewal will be the one that appears on the website:


If you did not return the car instead, agreed date and time.

If you do not return the car on an agreed date and time, you will have breached your contract and forfeited all benefits of any disclaimers, and any extra contracts in terms of franchise reduction. This means that if you return the vehicle with new damage, you must prove that it was caused before the agreed return date.

We will do everything necessary to locate the vehicle and recover it, even if to do so, we have to report the loss or misappropriation of it.

If the vehicle is not returned, the lessee will be responsible for:

  • the cost of recovering the vehicle to the office.
  • the rental days that the vehicle should be available for another lease.
  • the costs that the office has to pay to third parties in relation to the vehicle.
  • the office’s own reasonable costs.

*By signing the tenant the contract authorizes us to do so. We will charge you on your payment card.

Additional equipment provided by Rent  a Car RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ:

Equipment1 day7 daysMy
Seat/ Elevator Babies and Children5,78€40,46€50€
Pet Carrier5,78€40,46€50€

* VAT not included.

Conductor extra:

RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ provides the option to add a second driver to the rental contract for an extra charge of 5.78 euros / day, 40.46o / week and 50o / month + VAT applicable to all extras.

Tank Refueling:

The lessee must return the tank in the same condition in which it was received.

In the event that the lessee returns the tank below the level at which it was delivered without having selected the service ”Tank Prepayment”, he must pay the amount of 30 euros (+vat) for the management of filling it, plus the total cost of the missing liters at the updated market price.

* Office staff must go to fill out the car when they have sufficient time and staff before calculating the sum that will be charged to the tenant. In case the tenant pays the lease in cash and does not have time to wait, the landlord will make a split and a calculation of what the vehicle may lack.

For car rentals with AdBluedeposit, the renter is responsible for maintaining that the deposit is sufficiently full. In this way, it will respond to any damages that may be caused by breaching this responsibility.

Tank Prepayment:

The renter prepays the cost of the liters of fuel that fit the model of vehicle that rents less than 5 liters that RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ gives. This way you can deliver the vehicle without having to refill it.

Administrative fee for managing fines:

25 euros +VAT will be charged for the management of each sanctioning notification instructed by the competent authority during the rental period of the vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Fee:

RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ offers the extra for free roadside assistance on all rentals.

In the event that the leased vehicle needs roadside assistance for a cause attributable to negligent action by the lessee, it would be charged the full cost of the assistance.

Trips outside the islands:

On leases, travel outside the islands of Ibiza and Formentera is expressly prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the landlord.

For the trip to Formentera the lessee must inform the landlord and request the relevant authorization if necessary for the law of regulation for the entry, circulation and parking of vehicles in Formentera.

Franchises and damage insurance:

All contract vehicles are covered by an insurance policy called ”unlimited” civil and criminal liability against third parties.

Since the tenant is not insured under that policy, he/she undertakes to comply with all the terms and conditions thereof. The renter undertakes to immediately report any claims, to the insurance company or to RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ.

As long as the vehicle is within the territory of Ibiza or Formentera, RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ offers without any cost additional coverage against damage to the vehicle itself that covers sheet metal, paint, glass and wheels and that has the corresponding franchise for each category of vehicle.

* Under no circumstances will this coverage cover the vehicle’s basses in the same way as the interior of the vehicle.

Category franchises offered by RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ:

Mini1000 €
Economy1200 €
Compact1300 €
Special1300 €
Vans / Vans1500 €

* The limit of liability of the tenant (the franchise) will be voided with unlimited liability for damages and liability in the following cases:

  • The vehicle is driven by a different person.  
  • Driver violates traffic code laws.
  • Damage is caused intentionally or by misuse of the vehicle.
  • More people are mounted on the vehicle than authorized.
  • The vehicle is damaged by fire, even if it is unintended or caused by mechanical causes and normal use thereof.
  • The vehicle is damaged by flooding or falling into the water.
  • The vehicle is located outside the island of Ibiza and Formentera.



– This protection reduces the body franchise to 100o.

* This protection does not cover the vehicle’s bass.

* This protection does not cover damage due to negligent use of the vehicle.

* This protection does not cover damage to the interior of the vehicle.

Category:1 day7 daysFrom 8th day1 month’s rent

* VAT included.

Wheels and crystals:

This protection reduces the excess of wheels and crystals to 100.

* This protection does not cover damage due to negligent use of the vehicle.

Category:1 day7 daysFrom 8th day1 month’s rent
Mini10€70€5th /day100€
Economy10€70€5th /day100€
Compact10€70€5th /day100€
Special10€70€5th /day100€

* VAT included.


The vehicles under lease are un damaged and are in a correct state of operation maintenance and sheet metal, so a check will be carried out at the time prior to the start of the rental with photographs where the possible damages that may be caused will appear.

* Vehicles must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered by RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ with all their documents, tires, keys, tools and accessories that they may contain. Any alteration to the above may have an impact on additional charges for the tenant.

* When the renter picks up the vehicle, he/she must inspect it. If there is any damage that is not considered minor damage and is not reflected in the contract, it will be your duty to notify the landlord and that it is registered in the contract, before moving it from the square in which it is parked.

* At the end of the rental in case of new damage and comparing it with the photos of the initial checkup do not appear clear, it will be considered to be an old damage.


35€Remains of solid inorganic waste (bottles, garbage, bag debris, plastics or papers).
50€Cigarette butts or tobacco scraps
70€Remains of food or drinks of any kind
100€Animal hair
150€Stains affecting dashboards, seats, upholstery, belts and cabin elements in general
200€Remains of cement, plaster or any other material that implies that the vehicle has been used for works (vans and mixed vehicles are exempt for this charge)
200€Human or animal droppings
300€Smell or stains of chemicals, paint, oils or fuels

* Restoration of upholstery for permanent damage or stains will be charged the total value of repair or restoration.

* VAT included.


RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ does not allow smoking inside your vehicles. In the event that the vehicle contains evidence that it has been smoked inside, as well as smells of tobacco,  RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ will apply a penalty of 50 euros to cover the costs of treatment, special cleaning and paralysis of the vehicle.

A worker will check the vehicle with the lessee for return and their claims will be taken into account. In the event of non-conformity with the worker’s assessment, the lessee may refer his claims to the customer service e-mail and if he does not agree with the resolution, go to consumer arbitration to whose decision the parties submit for the resolution of these disputes.

The customer service  e-mail is:



  1. The tenant has the right to receive a copy in Spanish of these general conditions.
  2. Credit compensation shall operate in accordance with current legislation. In this sense, the security deposit can only be compensated after having verified that the landlord has fulfilled all its obligations, in accordance with the General Conditions of Rental.
  3. If there is more than one tenant, they will all respond jointly and severally to the landlord.
  4. All rights and obligations arising from these conditions and the contract shall be extended to authorised drivers.


In case of doubts or complaints you can contact our Customer Service as follows:

– Sending an email to the address admin@rentacaribizacruz.com indicating in the Subject field the rental agreement number.

– Requesting the claim form on physical paper.

– Contacting us by phone on +34 971 67 93 12 or +34 648 551 846.

* For any dispute that may arise in connection with this document and there would be no decision by both parties without the need for an arbitrary third party, the parties expressly submit to the judges and courts of Ibiza, waiing any other law that may correspond to them.


RENT A CAR IBIZA CRUZ offers a wide range of payment options. The renter can pay in cash, by credit or debit card and even through bank transfer, thus giving the maximum rental opportunity to our client.

The payment by the renter of both the rental and the deposit deposit must be in advance, at the time of booking, or in its default just when making the lease and before the start of the rental.

* Cash payment: The payment of the deposit can only be in cash provided that the date and time of return is during office hours, otherwise it must be with another payment method.


At the time of signing the contract, the lessee will pay others the amount of the rental of the vehicle, an amount for deposit or deposit. This deposit is paid as a guarantee of compliance with the lease.

Depending on the method of payment the deposit varies

Deposits for passenger cars, mixed vehicles and vans:

Credit or Debit Card500€
Bank Transfer700€

* For any vehicle that is going to drive outside the territory of Ibiza and Formentera, a security deposit of 1000 euros will be required.

* This deposit is returned to the renter at the time of return of the vehicle provided that the conditions of the lease agreement have been met and the return is during office hours. In the event that it is during closed office hours it will be returned the next business day.

* The return process will be carried out using the same method with which the deposit was loaded, however, if any technical problems arise, the office may make the return using one of the other remaining methods.